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Corset Sizing

Please be aware, our corsets are real, tight lacing, waist reducing corsets. All corsets in the collection feature traditional back lacing and spiral steel boning and are hand made by experts in Hampshire. They are designed to give up to a 4 inch waist reduction creating a beautiful hourglass figure.

The measuring tape should be horizontal all around the body. Pull the tape taught but not tight. By taking numerous measurements you can ensure accuracy.

Corset Measuring Guide from Curves and Corsets

Please note: For made to measure corsets, do not adjust any measurements you take. We will do the rest for you!

Measure your chest around the widest point of your bust whilst wearing a bra or supportive garment. This will be your actual bust size.

Measure directly under your bust. This will be your underbust size.

Measure you waist around the narrowest part. This will be you natural waist size.

Measure you hips around the top of the hip bone. This will be your natural hip size.

Please note:
For standard corsets, please deduct 2 to 4 inches from your natural waist size.

If you are greater than a DD cup and this is your first corset, we recommend you try a style without a front busk such as Sweetheart, Audrey, Wedding Belle, Harmony, Sensation, Eternity or Destiny. These styles are less rigid and will mould to your body.

Dress Sizing

So Couture Dress Size Chart from Curves and Corsets